Thursday, March 19, 2009

Watching Basketball with Dad

Sean's First Trip to the Public Market

Today is another beautiful day in Rochester, mid-40's with lots of sunshine. Sean must be good luck as this is the most pleasant March in recent memory. The weather provided the perfect occasion to take Sean to the Public Market for the first time. It was a bit windy when we arrived but Sean proved to be quite the trooper, hardly complaining and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the market (except for the fish monger, he didn't like the smell of that).

Mommy and Papa picked up some fruits (oranges, plums and grapes) and veggies (salt potatoes and asparagus) as well as a nice swordfish steak. After a quick trip to the bathroom for a diaper change, Sean made his way over to Juan and Maria's Empanada stand so Mommy and Papa (mostly Papa) could enjoy a couple empanadas. Then there was the requisite taking of pictures to mark the event and we were off.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things Sean Doesn't Know Differently

1. Syracuse always beats UConn.
2. Occasionally the Orange require more than the regulation 40 minutes to beat their opponents.
3. It's always sunny in Rochester in March.

This was Sean's first week in the world and what an eventful week it was. First there was the minor detail of him being born in the early, early hours of Sunday, March 8. After what seemed to be an interminable 4 days in the hospital, Mom and Papa were allowed to take Sean home and leave the uncomfortable confines of Room3-1619 behind. Even though hospital chairs fold down into a flat surface resembling a bed they were not meant to be slept on for more than one night.

After a couple days of getting used to a new home and being up at all hours of the night, Sean received his first visitors. Grandpa George and Grandma Terry flew in from Durham, NC to spend some quality time with their first grandchild. The weekend was filled with much college basketball, napping on Grandpa's chest in the afternoon and a lovely stroll through Highland Park.

Mom and Papa are looking forward to Sean's second week in the world, and are hoping he continues, and even extends, his three hour sleeps at night.

On behalf of his parents, Sean would like to thank Grandma Donna for being a tremendous support and resource during this first week. Without her timely food deliveries and excellent advice, Mommy and Papa would've been lost and hungry. Thank you!

Friday, March 13, 2009