Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Sean went to church for the first time ever this past Sunday. (Lots of "firsts" on this blog. Weird how that works). Mommy and Papa took him to Blessed Sacrament on the corner of Monroe and Rutgers, the same church where he will be baptized in a couple of months. Sean made a good first impression on the faithful congregation by going into fuss bucket mode only once during the service. Hopefully he'll maintain his track record at church with another good showing at his baptism.

After church Sean was still being a good boy so Papa and Mommy took him along to the South Wedge Diner for one of their favorite pastimes, eating a greasy spoon breakfast in the afternoon. Sean continued to bat 1.000 on Easter Sunday and maintained his good behavior the entire time.

Later that afternoon the trio traveled to Fairport for Easter dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Dinse. Grandpa and Bryan watched Phil and Tiger make an exciting yet ultimately disappointing charge in the Masters while Sean and Mommy napped downstairs and upstairs respectively. After a traditional and delicious Easter dinner of Ham and mashed potatoes Mommy and Papa took Sean home for some much needed rest after a long and eventful day.

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