Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grandma Acker Comes to Visit

Sean had another visitor this week as Grandma Acker came up from Florida to visit her first grandchild. She spent many hours holding, burping, walking and changing Sean. She also asked him if he was going to talk to her. We all know Sean is Super Baby (hi Heather!) but we have to wait a few months for that Grandma.

Last Saturday Grandma Acker, Sean and Sean's parents traveled to Honeoye Lake to visit the Murphys. Grandma, Mom, and Mrs. Murhpy got pedicures while Guy and Papa drank beer on the porch and soaked up the sunshine on one of the first truly beautiful days of the year.

On Sunday Sean made his first trip to Wegmans. His eyes were wide as can be when he first entered the store and he never stopped looking around. It may have been ambitious to head to the Pittsford Wegmans on a Sunday afternoon with little Sean in tow, but he was a trooper and lasted about 45 minutes before being overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells. Mommy took Sean to the car to calm him down while Grandma and Papa finished the shopping. Sean was truly the star of the visit to Wegmans, garnerning much attention and compliments from fellow shoppers.

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  1. Sean did talk to me; didn't I tell you? He said that he thought his Mommy and Papa were doing a great job as first time parents, that he felt quite fortunate to have such wonderful grandparents and that he LOVED the walks in Highland Park.